Cook and aromatize meats while conserving cooking juice.

What is an aroma BBQ?

The Aroma barbeque is a portable vertical charcoal oven.  A stainless steel tube with holes, inserted in the middle of the piece of meat, allows it to be aromatized without opening the cover of the BBQ.  

The plate is there to sit the piece of meat and to collect the cooking juices.  The meat is never in contact with the charcoal or its fire.


  • A stainless steel hole-punched tube which will be inserted in the middle of the piece of meat is used to add any flavouring of your choice: The fortified red wine aromatised beef is excellent!
  • The stainless steel plate in which we can collect up to 500mL of cooking juices is perfect to prepare sauces.

  • Once your meat is installed in the BBQ, you only need to aromitize the meat and verify the temperature.  Because the tube sticks out of the BBQ, it is easy to pour any aromatizing liquids without opening the cover of the BBQ, and at the same time it keeps the temperature stable.

  • No more pots and pans to wash!  There is only the tube and the plate to wash after use and they both go in the washing machine!


Made in Québec